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Uganda is a landlocked country located in Eastern Africa. It is where the river of Nile, the longest river in the world, starts. For the best water rafting experience in the world, the Jinja town in the country is the place to visit. The Mountain of the Moon, situated in the Ruwenzori National Park, is the highest mountain range in the African continent. At Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, one would find the highest concentration of primates on Earth.

Despite the ongoing economic growth, better living standards due to reforms and denationalization as well as the opening of new opportunities, Uganda still remains underprivileged and lacks the proper health care services needed by its citizens in remote regions. Seeing this as a suitable opportunity for medical placement, Global Electives Port considered Uganda as one of the countries to hold its elective program. You’ll get a chance to work in a rural setting where access to basic needs is hardly available.

Largely funded by means of government, charity and non-governmental organizations, healthcare provision in Uganda has some similarities with its bordering countries. The biggest challenge to health care delivery in Uganda is the lack of competent hospital personnel and insufficient hospital structures in spite of having three medical schools in the country. Additionally, poor working conditions have worn down the delivery of health care as the skilled medical staffs look for greener pastures overseas.

On your first day, you will be introduced to the hospital manager and physicians as well as to other hospital staffs. The hospital manager is the one handling on the elective placements of the student volunteers depending on the particular disciplines they want to do clinical rotations with. Ask as many questions as possible in order to be familiarized with the medical procedures you will be possibly be shadowing.

During your day-offs, indulge yourself with the great events and tourist spots of this stunning country. Don’t forget to watch the Ndere culture dance show in the evening where there are lots of traditional singing and dancing encompassing all the cultures of Uganda. You will have the chance to visit the famous natural wonders of Uganda as well as its wildlife in the Murchison Falls National Park situated in the country’s North Western part. Other animals to see in this park are warthog Hyena, giraffe, elephant, Uganda Kob, Hippos, crocodiles and a lot of bird life.


We in GEP have partnered with several medical facilities to offer the following electives:

•Medical Technology
•Physical Therapy
•Rural Experience