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Filipinos are considered to be the most fun-loving and hospital people in the world. Many foreigners have attested how their stay in the Philippines has been an unforgettable experience in their lives. The people’s warm hospitality, scrumptious food, rich and diverse culture, breathtaking sceneries, interesting language and dialects are just some of the features this nation can be proud of. One of the key cities of the Philippines is Iloilo, a province resided by lovable and outgoing Ilonggos (term referred to the local inhabitants of the region).

Located at the southern part of the Panay Island and in the western part of the Philippines, Iloilo is one of the most stunning and fast-rising provinces of the country. The province boasts its century-old churches, colonial houses, pristine northern beaches, colorful festivals, delectable delicacies, welcoming smiles and friendly people. Currently, a lot of groundbreaking infrastructures and high-rising establishments are built in the city proper to prepare the province for its transformation in becoming highly-urbanized in the future.

In terms of delivering healthcare services to its citizens, the hospitals in Iloilo are almost equipped with the latest equipment and facilities to cater to the needs of its citizens, specifically in the city proper where private and government-owned hospitals are scattered within the area. However, in the remote municipalities of the province, there are still lots of improvement and equipment to be added. In addition, there is a shortage in infirmary personnel as most of the skilled nurses and physicians prefer to work in the city or even abroad to seek for better job prospects.

Global Electives Port has seen this scarcity as an opportunity to offer an elective placement program to those foreign students and volunteers who would like to spend a few weeks or months in this province doing their electives and clinical rotations. Not only that you’ll be able to widen your skills and knowledge of your chosen medical profession but also get to discover the health care situation applied to district hospitals as well. Also, tropical and contagious diseases which are rarely encountered such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, dengue fever and leptospirosis are prevalent in Iloilo.

During your day-offs, there are a lot of natural wonders in some municipalities you can go into as well as beach, inland resort, night-out centers and restaurants in the city when you need to chill down and relax a bit after a week’s work in the hospital. It would just take a few hour jeepney rides to travel from town to town or if you travel going into the city.


We in GEP have partnered with several medical facilities to offer the following electives:

•Medical Technology
•Physical Therapy
•Rural Experience