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Arranging accommodation in a foerign country can be daunting; We at Global Electives Port Limited know that rest is an important part of internship, thus we make sure students get the best accommodation in their chosen host countries.

The Location

Location is in San Antonio Resort Village as the best subdivision near Baybay beach, the most famous seashore in Roxas City. A modern two-storey housen a friendly and safe neighborhood.

This large village can give you all the joys of being near the beach – clean seawater, clean ocean breeze, peaceful and quiet scenery, gorgeous sunrise and sunset, and abundant seafood which is a real plus if you’re a massive seafood lover because most of the seafood restaurants in Roxas City are here in Baybay beach. This area is easily a perfect place to enjoy your internship abroad.

This bay is very safe because the interconnecting waters are surrounded by big islands and mountains protecting the whole area from the Pacific Ocean.

Unlike other coasts, Baybay Beach is just 5 kilometers away from the center of Roxas City. So, you can make a quick shift from ocean view to city view whenever you want.


If you are interested in any of the above options and wish to book your accommodation with us, please complete our Booking Form.