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For medical students nearing their final year, it’s time to plan about your medical elective. There are many factors to consider in your decision and one of the most important has to be location. Everything starts here, the type of hospital you want to work, specialties that are available, risks, people that you will associate with, patients and ailments that you will treat, what to do in your free time, environment, and your accommodations. Crossing borders to low-middle income areas is a brilliant way to get the most out of your experience. It will be a worthwhile decision which will not only benefit you personally and professionally, but also the place that you visit and the people that you meet. People in these depressed areas die young and avoidably, mainly from preventable causes. The healthcare needs of these areas are huge that sadly, is not coming or coming in trickles. Our team has seen this need and we offer an overseas elective placement program to foreign students, volunteers, and professionals to neglected regions. Spend a few weeks or months with poor people of our world who desperately require medical assistance. Walk in to your elective with a smile, an open mind and good intentions and you will leave planting new seeds of hope and the possibility for improving the lives of patients. Conducting your elective in this setting will enable you to get up close experiences with unfamiliar medical issues, understand human stories, and the opportunity to do something beneficial for humanity.


Experience stepping into an unfamiliar hospital environment overseas. You will feel discomfort with a different type of hospital setting that lacks and operates with substandard equipment. Learn what culture shock is about with your interaction with locals and medical staff in an unfamiliar manner. Become exposed to sicknesses and diseases that you’ve never imagined existed. And leave in quarters without the comforts of your home.
Our Medicine Program was designed to provide a training for students to assert their individuality and to mould them into the type of doctor that want to be through exposure to the following medical disciplines:
Emergency Care, In Patient, Out Patient, Surgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family Medicine, Medical Social Work and Nutrition