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Pre Medical / Pre Nursing Internship in Sri Lanka

Overseas medical students who wish to purse their formal studies in Medicine / Nursing are welcome to engage in hospital based clinical work in order to get acquainted with common medical problems encountered in this part of the world. Sri Lanka being a South Asian tropical island , is susceptible to some unique medical problems that overseas students may not be exposed to in their medical career. The program has been arranged with greater flexibility on weekly basis throughout the year . This is a general medical roster program which will cover different departments / units including followings but not limited to : Day Treatment Unit (DTU)/ Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU)/ Operation Theatres / Intensive Care Unit / Pediatrics & Maternity (On request only)/ Physiotherapy/ X ray units /Medical ICU / Surgical ICU The hospital is a surgical hospital therefore the interns can observe surgeries and any other surgical operations. A mentor will be appointed whilst on your stay with the hospital. Mentor will arrange knowledge sharing sessions accordingly.

Mental Health Observership/ Internship Program in Sri Lanka

Our placements are not "one size fits all," but tailored to your experience and education level. If you have a passion for global mental health, and want to learn more about how cross-cultural factors impact mental health access and treatment, you're in the right place. By joining us, not only will you gain 40 + hours of practical experience and training, you'll also be completely immersed in the exciting, vibrant culture of Sri Lanka. Projects From psychiatric facilities to makeshift classrooms in temples, our projects are as diverse as the service users you will be working with, who are all of various ages, abilities and backgrounds. However, all projects have a similar focus - to promote positive mental health as much as possible by boosting confidence, self-esteem and improving key life skills. · Activity Support · Special Education Activity Support · Community Outreach · English for Development · Children's Development Our psychology programme has been set up to provide participants with the opportunity to gain a broad overview, understanding and insight into mental health care and needs within a different culture.

Sri Lankan Indigenous Medical Internship (1 Week Program)

In addition to your main placement as intern, spending a week with at Sri Lankan indigenous medical hospital in Galle a once in a lifetime experience.

Typical day of Intern / Observer

You will have week day program from 09.00 am to 17.00 pm from Monday to Friday . A specimen of your days’ schedule is as follows subject to change based on adjustments into your schedule by mentor or hospital.

7.30 am – Breakfast

9.00 am to 12.30 pm – Morning Work roster

12.30 pm to 01.30 pm – Lunch break and free time

01.30 pm – 16.30 pm – Afternoon work roster

07.30pm – Dinner