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Malindi District and County Hospital

Malindi is a smaller town in the coastal region and very popular with Italians, in-fact referred as ”little Italy”. The beaches are among the finest in East Africa. The hospital is smaller compared to Mombasa; but currently elevated due to the services and population it’s attending to.

The popularity Malindi derives is mainly from the Program Residence in Malindi – it is literally on the beach: you walk from the residence, through a tropical neighborhood and you are on the beach with surfable wave tides.

Hospital: Malindi Sub-County Hospital

Malindi District Hospital has over 200 beds with abed occupancy of more than 90%. It is a level 4 facility which acts as a referral hospital for patients from coastal areas around it. It has received support from the Italian community over years such as upgrading the intensive care unit (ICU), high dependency unit (HDU) and the hospitals’ casualty wing. For example at the casualty wing, the building has an electrosurgical unit, triage room, sluice room, scrub room, a minor theatre, all equipped with facilities that can handle cases of emergency swiftly (2013 report).

Services offered are Inpatient and Outpatient services which include:

A special ward for motorcycle accident victims, Maternal Child Health Care department including Pediatrics ward, Casualty and Emergency Care, (ICU), (HDU), Pharmacy, Theatre services, HIV and Aids wing which also constitutes a counselling and testing area, Orthopedics, Laboratory, Public Health, neuro-natal unit, X-ray services, dental and ambulance services.

Our programs to the healthcare placement at this facility, is more structured with every medical elective accompanied with a healthcare supervisor and GEP Coordinator on site, as is the case in all our locations.

We provide more help, more guidance and more supervision, more structure and a quiet environment for your medical elective in a setting that is all inclusive, Malindi is ideal.


We in GEP have partnered with several medical facilities to offer the following electives:

•Medical Technology
•Physical Therapy
•Rural Experience