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Machakos County in Kenya is home to over 1 million residents. It is surrounded by hilly topography and a high figure of family farms.

The hilly sceneries make it a favorite spot for campers and trekkers. The wildlife in a jungle setting attracts tourist who loves safaris. Dance to the beat of the music on the streets during festivals. The county hosts an open air market on Mondays and Fridays, feast on freshly picked produce gathered from nearby farms.

Its economy thrives on agriculture and has bright future ahead due to technology projects and the cosmopolitan city of Machakos. The area has a high literacy rate of 88% because of a great number of universities and colleges that flourished.

Discover what the county has to of offer by riding in a matatu, 14-seat mini-bus, or a tuk-tuk, 3-wheel mini taxi, and visit these famous spots…

  • Machakos People Park. The place is clean with a beautiful natural landscape and entrance is free. It is teeming with a lot of activities both for kids and adults including zip linings, boat rides, horseback riding and more. It has restaurants that serve good food to feed your hungry tummy

  • Maanzoni Sanctuary. The place is surrounded by beautiful hills where one can freely watch wild-beasts in action like gazelles, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, ostriches, buffalos, rare eagle and several others. It has no entrance fee.

  • Old Donyo Sabuk National Park. It is home to Mt. Kilimambogo, meaning the mountain of buffaloes, which is 2,150M above sea level. A heaven for mountain climbers and nature lovers with a fabulous display of wildlife and dense montane forest as the backdrop.

For your hospital internships abroad, GEP Limited has a tie-up with Machakos Level 5 Hospital. The national government of Kenya spent Sh8000 million to upgrade the facilities of the hospital.

It is now at par with the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi and patients can receive Cancer treatment and other complications at Machakos.

Machakos Level 5 Hospital has been fitted with Mammography machines for breast screening. Other machines installed were Orthopantogram, Anaesthetic, Image Intensifier, operating tables with orthopedic extensions and LED operating lights and patient trolleys. Also, there were provisions for a 10-bed dialysis centre for renal services and 6 ICU Machines.

An infrastructure to aid telemedicine was installed to ensure that local doctors can consult with global medical experts.

In an effort of improving medical services in the County, the Machakos Government employed 200 nurses, 50 medical officers, 20 consultants, 50 clinical officers, 20 lab technicians, 15 radiologists, and 5 anaesthetics.

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We in GEP have partnered with several medical facilities to offer the following electives:

•Medical Technology
•Physical Therapy
•Rural Experience