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Hospital type

The Hospital is the Major Referral Hospital in Nyanza, Western & North Rift Kenya, serving a population in excess of

5million; average annual outpatient visits are 197,200 and inpatient admissions of about 21,000. Number of Beds 467

Hospital Facilities

Nyanza has a bed capacity of 467 with bed occupancy of about 94.8%. The highest bed  occupancy being in surgical wards and Gynaecology, which are 148.7% and 146%  respectively. There are six operating rooms.

Services offered:

Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, General Surgery, Obstetrics / Gynaecology (OB/GYN), Radiology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Intensive Care Medicine, Radiotherapy and Dental services.

The hospital is COSECSA accredited for training in general surgery. COSECSA- College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa. http://www.cosecsa.org/

Specialties required

All types of surgeons welcomed, especially if able to bring a teaching package.
Elective students welcome.


Kisumu is about five hours by road from Nairobi. It does however also have an airport with flights from Nairobi. The hospital is located 3.5 miles from the city centre of Kisumu.


While there are living quarters available on the hospital grounds, space is limited. Therefore, it is recommended to make prior arrangements for housing while visiting Kisumu. Prices for monthly housing for a three-bedroom apartment vary from $400 U.S. to $900.

JOOTRH is a centre for research and learning for various students and staffs in various professions. For instance, students undertake their medical attachment at various departments in the hospital. Most institution across the country benefit benefits from this program including Kisumu Medical Training College which is located next to the hospital and Maseno University which sends its students to this hospital for weekly rotations.

The hospital also provides an environment for various research works carried out by the Kenya Medical Research Institute and other institutions such as Centre for Disease Control.

Services available at various departments of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital include:

a) Curative In-patient services

b) Curative out-patient services

c) Caesarean section

d) Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric care

e) HIV counselling and testing

f) Family planning

g) Growth monitoring and promotion

h) Integrated Management of Childhood illness

i) X-ray, CT scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultra scan

j) Prevention of Mother to child transmission of HIV

k) Rural Health Training Centre

l) Rural health demonstration

m) Antenatal care

n) Basic Emergency

o) Antiretroviral Therapy

p) Obstetric Care

q) Immunization

Some tourist attraction sites include;

Kisumu Museum- it is located in Kisumu town along the Kisumu-Kericho road. It stores and disseminates information on cultural and

scientific issues on cultural history. It has a diverse collection of flora and fauna species.

Most notable animals include reptiles, amphibians, the cultural artefacts include the Luo traditional homesteads.

There are other monuments of historical significance attached to Kisumu Museum e.g Fort Tennan, Songhor, Thim Lich Ohinga, Rusinga Island. Thim Lich Ohinga