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A Parent’s Role in a Child’s Medical Placement Abroad

As parents of a medical student, you know that your child will have to take the medical elective in your country or overseas in their final year.

Sending your offspring in an overseas medical placement is a big decision.

You want the best for your child, but “What’s Best” is not always clear. And one of the best gifts is to help them develop their global mindset to succeed in their medical profession. Now is the time to make this critical assessment that will shape your child’s future.

It is noteworthy that medical students who had an overseas stint did well in their clinical practice.

For most learners, this will be the first time they will be separated from their parents for a long period. Let alone living in an area without the comforts of home. However, for those families willing to live up to the challenge, the benefits are enormous.

A placement abroad will teach your child how to communicate and interact with people of a different culture. This will give them a first-hand experience of treating ailments that have not been mentioned in medical records. Practice living in an unfamiliar territory under different weather and surroundings.

At GEP Limited we want our medical students to attain personal and professional growth in their selected destination country. No one can guarantee that everything will go as planned. However, in adverse situations, we have security checks in place to ensure the safety of students and address the issue.

In this journey, your son or daughter is behind the wheel and takes charge of the path to achieve their goal. What you can do is to enjoy the ride, be their talking buddy along the way, and give advice on how to arrive safely at their destination.

Excessive parental involvement, however well intended, will undermine the capability of the medical student as a responsible adult to manage complex situations. Have a tête-à-tête with your child but do not be overly involved almost always it’ll do more harm than good. Let them decide for themselves and show them you’ll support them whether their decision is in your favour or not.

Under this situation, a parent’s role to assist the medical student is to…

  • Research

Search the internet and prepare a list of medical placement providers. Check out their destination countries, their prices, accommodations, safety checks and anything that can be used in comparing. Seek information in the destination countries about political stability, crime rate, and health issues. Inquire from your embassy if the country is cleared for travel.

Always check out client reviews. Remember, an irate customer will convey his bad experiences.

Ask around from those who had medical placement abroad.

Merge all these factors to come up with the go-to provider for your child.

  • Assist In Raising Funds

Although students are qualified for financial loans, it is most likely that they can’t get the required amount in one organization. Help them out by providing other options, prepare the required documents, assist in the application process, and anything that will facilitate the loan.

Be ready to shell out money, they will need it.

  • Trust Your Child’s Decision

Talk with your child during their blasé moments. Along the way, you will gauge if he is still undecided where to take his medical placement. Discuss the pros and cons, it is IMPORTANT not to impose your will. Your child knows what will work for him, either in his home country or abroad.

If he has a problem with funding, discuss options, where and how to get it. Show documents that are required and offer your assistance.

If he decides to go abroad, present results of your research to help him decide on his placement destination.

From the moment your child boards the plane to the time he gets back, GEP Limited has your child covered. Our head office is in regular contact with our on-site staff to ensure the well-being of your child at all times.

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