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Elective Process

  • Reference Letter from your school dean/administrator/employer. It is a requirement by both the government and the medial facilities we partner with that we submit an introduction letter from all participants. This could be a letter from your dean, head of department, registrar or employer acknowledging that you are or were a student/employee at your stated university/company
  • Recent photo taken within 6 months prior to registration
  • Payment of $350 USD Reservation Fee payable to payments@globalelectivesport.net via PAYPAL or BANK DEPOSIT to facilitate formal processing of your elective and confirm your conditional place in the program
  • You will get a payment confirmation regarding your program reservation

  • We will send you specific information about your program elective

  • Complete the payment of your elective fee one (1) month prior to the start of your chosen program

  • You will get an Elective Confirmation Letter regarding your scheduled elective

  • We will send you our Information Pack and pre-departure advices

  • You will receive phone calls and emails from GEP for reminders, follow up on remaining requirements and discuss further questions that needs clarification from GEP and your end to make sure that you are ready for your elective

  • Book your own flights and start planning your elective

  • Arrive at your chosen destination for your elective