✔  Fort Jesus Museum. Built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

    ✔  Old Town. A historic district which was converted into souvenir shops and eateries. 

    ✔  Mombasa Tusks. Located at the entrance of the city that was built in 1956 to commemorate the visit of Prince Margaret.

    ✔  Bamburi beach. On a sunny day the place looks startling with very clear water swarming with marine life.


We are working with government, non-government healthcare institutions and communities at our program destinations to provide our participants a unique opportunity to participate in various programs and trips, receive rewarding hands on experience, widen their experience and understanding their profession in a different setting of culture and environment with people living in local communities.


We have a local team of expert and reliable people that will look after you while on your placement. Each of them has an everyday duties and responsibilities to make sure that your needs are provided properly in a timely matter.


Our elective fee includes your accommodation, meals, local transportation related to your program, airport pick up and drop off. You also need budget for your personal travel and leisures during weekends and free time.


Students are housed in a private and secured accommodation. The GEP house is situated within the city of each destination for easy access. Each of the bedroom has an air conditioner and can accommodate 4 to 6 students in a bunk bed setting with a shared clean toilet and bath either within or outside the bedroom. A cozy living room is provided where students can relax and chat on their free time and a well equipped kitchen for the local staff and students to use and prepare meals. The facility is closer to the pool and beaches where students can have a good time in the afternoon.


Transportation to and from the accommodation to the healthcare facilities will be provided by GEP including your airport pick up and drop off. We do have a company driver who is reliable to make sure that you will arrive on your scheduled shifts.


We have a professional chef in the accommodation who will prepare and serve both international and local food for our students three times in a day from Monday to Friday. The meal of the students are serve in a family style to make them more comfortable to each other while on the placement. You can also make your own meal as we have supplies inside the fridge.


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