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After years of hitting the books, countless hours of listening to lectures and burning the midnight oil for exams and other academic requirements it’s time for you to wear a new hat as a healthcare practitioner. But before anything else you need to complete a medical internship and the choice is yours whether to take it abroad or in your home country.

There are countless factors that will dissuade you to set foot in a foreign soil. Every question that enters your mind will be answered when GEP Limited brings you to Kenya or the Philippines. You’ll be exposed to real life stories that you only read in printed materials or through the internet.

Experience life in the other side of the globe and you will know that these tales are myths. The landscape was painted black when in fact you’ll enjoy every moment of your stay. Meet people of a diverse culture and get compensated with a smile for your gift of cure. Have a fun time exploring scenic spots, bask in beaches or dive in the crystal blue waters teeming with marine life. Indulge in local food that will fill your hungry tummy.

Give us the opportunity to make your golden dream become a reality, sign up to our medical placement program.