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Global Electives Port offers the dentistry program where it gives an opportunity for aspiring dentistry students and professionals to acquire hands-on experience in dentistry as well as improve their skills. Also, this is a great opportunity to witness the present dental health situation in the country they have chosen to be destined for. You must be a college student who is planning to enroll in a dental college or currently a pre-dentistry student who is eager to obtain industry exposure, in order to pre-qualify for the program. Learning modules incorporated in this program encompass group dialogue sessions, community tasks volunteering and observing how dentists do their job during the time they spent on hospitals.


The dentistry elective program of Global Electives Port happen to acquire its distinctiveness through the numerous clinical skills as well as enabling pre-dentistry students to follow dentists and observing techniques that should be considered by dentistry students. STUDENTS GET TO TAKE PART IN: • History taking and examination • Case management • General dental care, routine cleaning and check ups • Scaling, intra oral radiographs • Permanent and general fillings • Composite restorations • Tooth extractions • Treatment of gum diseases • Incision and drainage • Root canal treatment • Bridges, dental veneers and crowns • Maxillofacial procedures