We believe success in the medical field is about linking education and extensive exposure to maladies that impacts the underprivileged people of the world. Aspiring medical professionals can gain invaluable experience in a setting they won’t find in their home country.

We have a partnership with hospitals in our destination countries to provide our healthcare internships abroad with a hands-on learning experience, travel, exposure to a different culture, and to developing interpersonal skills.

We will see to it that you’ll have a fun spell inserted in your taxing time and daunting tour of duty. Feel that sense of accomplishment for being a part of improving the quality of life of poor people. Relieve the burden of disease in places that are barely reached by medical aid abroad.

We ensure that you benefited more than your placement fee by attaining personal and professional growth. You will bring back these important skills to become better medical practitioners.

GEP Limited is a company that does its best to provide the finest healthcare internships abroad to medical students and professionals in the Philippines and Kenya. Connect with poor people of our world who are driven into poverty and ill health. This global populace desperately requires medical help that come in trickles or none at all.

Cross borders, immerse in a different culture and experience what life is about on the other side of the world. Treat ailments that have never been recorded in medical books and work in community areas under substandard condition. This worthwhile decision will benefit not only you in your personal and professional growth but also to the place you visit and the people you met. Get up close to these issues, you realize that these human stories are not mere numbers. You have done your part in doing something beneficial which will leave an imprint either now or in the future.

Our placement fees are student-friendly that won’t break your bank. Assistance will be provided in every step, from the moment you sign-up up to the time you return. Our on-site staff will see to it that you are safe and you will have a positive experience during your stay.



Vision Our vision is to provide structured internship programs that will bring in the opportunity for a hands-on learning experience in a different setting, handling a variety of cases, technique and training which can help you achieve your dream job in the chosen field. We make sure that you will get to engage with professionals to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Mission Our mission is to transform the world through the infusion of knowledge and culture. We want to encourage our participants to pursue their chosen career by providing them the opportunity to join and experience our various internship programs.