Meaningful Clinical Internships for Pre Med Students

If you are interested about clinical internships, read about ten platforms that offer you opportunities.

Work the World

It is one of the premier agencies that help in clinical internships for pre med students. It provides you a host of opportunities in the fields of pharmacy, radiology, and physical therapy. If you have interests in the areas of occupational therapy or dentistry, it gives you an ample scope to develop your skills.

ELI Abroad

If you are an undergraduate and looking for doing an internship abroad, you may visit this platform. In field such as public health to veterinary sciences, it sends thousands of undergraduates abroad each year to become young medical professionals through clinical internships for pre med students. You either stay in a dormitory or in a shared apartment. The platform also provides you facilities to learn the local language.

World Internships

You can be placed in a nursing home, a hospital or a medical center under any program that the World Internships platform provides. Some of the opportunities let you do internships in the surgical or neurological department, too. You engage with the local communities and sharpen your expertise. You also have the scope to receive a small scholarship.

Cross-Cultural Solutions

If you have a keen interest in traveling abroad for 6 weeks and be a part of a group that helps in building a sustainable health system, then their program would definitely suit you. You would have the facility of staying in a shared apartment and have health home-cooked meals.

Projects Abroad

It offers you  hundreds of internships in the healthcare arena. You can use the experience as university credits, too. The internship opportunities are for college students; hence, you don’t need to have  a previous medical experience. You can go for dentistry or therapy-related areas. There are also other options, where you work with the local healthcare experts.

Czech Hospital Placements

It is a perfect platform to get a real-world experience as a doctor, therapist, dentist or a nurse, across Europe. It offers short-term hospital placements for students with accommodation, food and study materials.

Volunteering Journeys

You immerse yourself in a new culture abroad by participating in the internship programs of this platform, working with the local medical professionals, and getting credit for your experience.

Child Family Health International

You will be able to do internships in all kinds of healthcare and medical care exposures under its hood. You will gain an expertise in various medical practices and develop a professional attitude in a multi-ethnic environment.

Intern Abroad HQ

From midwifery to dentistry, from nursing to nutrition, you can explore various fields for internships under this company.

The Intern Group

If you want to immerse in the medical practices environment in Europe or in Latin America, you can do internship under this organization.

Be focused for an internship

Approach any of the above-mentioned platforms to grab a golden opportunity to do a clinical internship in a foreign country.

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