If you are fond of travelling, chances are that you love taking photos too. But many often, you wouldn’t show in those pictures because you are travelling solo with no one to take your photo in your preferred frame. That sure isn’t a good thing to happen in an age of selfies! But hey, selfies can get boring too if you are doing it with your arms stretched out every time. So, how about checking out some tips on taking some great travel selfies as you embark on your internship programs abroad? Or even otherwise?

Tip #1: Carry tripods

Today, you are spoilt for choices in camera accessories, so carrying a tripod is neither hard nor costly. You can get a variety of tripods that fit easily in your pocket or handbag (mini tripods, gorilla pods, etc.) and these come at decent prices too! And if you really care about paying a few extra bucks, go for a full-size, steadier tripod. But do consider tripods if you are travelling solo on your gap year holiday.

Tip #2: Use what’s available

Now, if you missed packing your tripod while planning for your internship programs, get creative with what’s available in your surroundings that can serve as a tripod — may be a flat-top rock, a ledge or a step or even the ground.

Tip #3: Experiment with lenses

One cool way to create stunning travel selfies is to carry some interesting lenses that can fit onto your camera or phone. The fisheye or the wide-angle lenses, for example, let you capture yourself in interesting ways while you see around the beautiful destination.

Tip #4: Selfie sticks

Many solo travellers swear by the selfie stick because it’s lightweight, foldable and easy-to-use. So, pack a selfie stick while you get ready for your gap year program. Bet you wouldn’t want to miss creating wonderful memories and capturing them in a photograph too!

Tip #5: Bank on your networking skills

Be it being a medical professional or just a travel buff, networking always comes in handy. And it sure does when you would like to come back with amazing photos from your holidays (gap year or otherwise). So make friends as you go, pick fellow photo-lovers on your travel, click for them and get them to click for you.

Tip #6: Ask a stranger

If everything fails and you still want your photo in a particular spot, you just got to get smart and upfront — request a stranger to click you! You may not get that perfect framing or angle that you wished for, but it’s still worth than having no photo at all.

Tip #7: Put it on burst mode

This one is a bit technical, but helpful nonetheless if you want that perfect travel selfie. Set your phone or camera on burst mode (one in which you get multiple shots at one go) and get a short series of photos. You can pick the one that you like best and delete the rest. Simple!

Hope this article gives you ideas to make each image memorable.

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