Whether you are travelling for your internship program abroad or just for the joys of travel, buying your airline ticket can be one of those things that can keep you really busy. That’s because all of us wish to get a good deal, which is cheap on our flight tickets. But all aren’t lucky enough! For all we know, you have to really keep a keen eye on the airfare fluctuations as you move towards your planned travel time. However, there are also certain days in the week and periods in the year when airfares seem to dip a little, as the trend shows. So, if you have already chosen your destination for medical electives and want to save a few bucks on your travel tickets, this reading might help.

Best days

Travellers frequently ask “when is the best time to buy airline tickets to XYZ destination”. Well, a bit of research helps indeed. Irrespective of your destination, we would like to tell you based on our research that the best days in the week to book flights are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursdays are sometimes good too. But if you’re buying an airline ticket on Sundays, you would probably end up paying about $75 more on average.

Seasonal bets

Being able to get the cheapest airfare to your destination is like hitting a moving target. You just got to be plain lucky! However, there’s a lot of wisdom in airfare trend reports and flight search data analysis. We tried to compile them for you below so that you know how much in advance you should book your flight tickets based on seasonal demands.

  • SPRING: Generally a busy travel season. So if you are planning your gap year holidays in spring, try booking 90 days in advance.

  • FALL: Another popular time to travel is fall. Hence, plan ahead of your travel date and save money. For fall travels, it’s good to buy airline tickets 69 days ahead.

  • WINTER: Unless you’re booking around Christmas or New Year, you might just get lucky with your airline ticket fares in winter. Try buying 62 days in advance.

  • SUMMER: For summer internship programs or leisure travels, it’s advisable you book your flight 47 days in advance and get good deals around that time.

Booking windows

Although a lot of the ticket price depends on the time and destination of your booking, some studies have presented travellers with 6 booking windows to help them know the peaks and troughs of ticket prices. However, these are general trends and you must always trust your guts before finally making the purchase.

Good luck on your travel planning!

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