Wouldn’t it be great if your medical internship happens in a location that is full of beautiful landscapes and people, yet one which presents unique and unseen challenges to hone your professional skills? Such is the Mombasa City in Mombasa, Kenya and its Coast Provincial General Hospital (CPGH). Nestled on the eastern coast of the Indian Ocean, Mombasa’s CPGH is one of those ideal destinations for your internship abroad programs. It is located on the north bank of the island of Mombasa in the Makadara district.

CPGH in a Nutshell

In Kenya, the CPGH is the second largest of all government hospitals with 700 beds and about 800 staff catering to its various facilities and departments. There are 25 efficient consultants and 45 medical officers too. This hospital serves as one of Kenya’s finest teaching and tertiary referral hospitals for pre-medical and nursing students, doctors, nurses, clinical officers, etc. CPGH spans 7 coastal districts with a population of 6 million.


It has 4 medical, 3 surgical and 3 paediatric wards. There are many theatres, ITU facilities, CT scanner, dialysis unit and an orthopaedics department. CPGH also boasts of a separate Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, combined with a renovated Millennium Labour Ward and obstetric theatres. The hospital runs several specialist clinics for TB, HIV, etc. The A&E department is super busy 24/7 and has its own pharmacy and lab.

Based on medical records, this hospital also has an annual rate of 32,000 inpatient admissions and about 2,000,000 outpatient visits. Naturally therefore, the CPGH is a fertile learning ground for medical students, who can make use of their gap year and grab the first-hand experience of treating tropical ailments like malaria and typhoid never seen before in developed countries. And being one of GEP’s esteemed partner hospitals, CPGH also stations capable medical affiliates to help you anytime with your personal and professional growth during your hospital stay.


Located just about 15 km away from the Moi International Airport, the CPGH is conveniently located for all foreign students and medical practitioners. Commuting alone through Mombasa city is safe and easy by day. However, the streets are busy and may overwhelm a first-time visitor to the place.

Medical Electives at CPGH

Your gap year opportunities multiply if you are at the CPGH for volunteer programs or placements abroad. There are numerous community projects from various organizations partnered with the hospital like the breastfeeding program of UNICEF and the University of Ghent’s research program on mother to child HIV/AIDS transmission. Your internship programs at the CPGH would also mean clinical rotation across the rich learning environments of paediatrics, general medicine, emergency, obstetrics and gynaecology. So, you can choose your medical electives in:

  • Medicine

  • Nursing

  • Midwifery

  • Dentistry

  • Medical Technology

  • Radiology

  • Physical Therapy

  • Pharmacy, or

  • Rural Experience

Typical Internship Day at CPGH

The specifics of your day would vary depending on your medical electives and the department you are in at the CPGH; however, a typical internship day at the hospital would engage you in:

  • Shadowing supervising doctors and consultants to understand patient needs.

  • Evaluating patient conditions and generating a prognosis.

  • Appraising test results, offering diagnosis and treatment options.

  • Observing and learning various clinical procedures under the guidance of our efficient medical affiliates at the internship abroad programs.

  • Recording medical information and vital signs and symptoms.

  • Witnessing surgical procedures.

  • Working with individuals and groups in the hospital’s volunteer programs and community service, thus offering medical help in an unfamiliar, challenging and culturally-different setting.

  • Preparing and assisting patients for medical examinations in various departments.

  • Gaining experience in handling sterile instruments, equipment, supplies and preparing rooms.

Beyond dealing with your morning and afternoon work rosters, you have all the time to yourself to immerse in the socio-cultural life of Mombasa. From learning Swahili to walking down the beaches, from diving into the local food of the city to visiting the historic areas of the Old Town, you are sure to make remarkable memories in your gap year holidays as you intern at the CPGH, Mombasa.

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