Experience counts and you probably know it already. Now, the question remains how to go about gaining that wee bit experience that would catapult your career a lot closer to success. If you are in high school or in the early years of college, you may have sometimes wondered when to opt for volunteer programs or gap year programs abroad to finetune your resume and your own self. The answer is, you should start exploring your internship opportunities abroad early on in your academic journey. But why early?

Well, it’s always a good idea to start your internship early, after high school or in the 1st or 2nd years of college because there are quite a few significant benefits to taking a gap year towards the beginning of your journey.

1. Helps you grow

Opting for early volunteer opportunities abroad means that you are exposed to the real world with its real challenges and practical demands at a young age. Regardless of whether you are going for structured gap year programs or just travelling and volunteering abroad, you are sure to grow as an individual when you are getting a cross-cultural hands-on experience. You develop essential life skills and interpersonal skills that would help you professionally in the longer term of your life.

2. Makes you choose well

Let’s just face it: choosing an area of study isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires quite some prudence and foresight to pick up the medical electives before actually knowing which area would practically interest you more and where you can deliver your full potential. So, your internship programs abroad can, most definitely, help you choose your area of further medical studies, specializations or electives well by letting you work across various departments and units in a hospital. You will realize what you love or do best before formally pursuing it.

3. Spruces up your resume

A good work experience gathered through your gap year abroad often complements your academic strengths while landing you a job ahead in life. Not only do you get valuable work experience items to beef up your resume, you also develop diverse skills that makes you a potentially attractive candidate for an employer over your peers.

4. Creates contacts

Volunteer programs abroad early in your academic career also mean that you meet new people every day, making friends, acquaintances and increasing your network opportunities. The earlier you make friends and build networks, higher the pay-off of that liaison in life.

So make the most of your gap year as early as possible, so that you still have time to undo the wrong choices of your study-career and start afresh on the right track. Pull up your socks, choose the right internship abroad programs and if still in doubt, let Global Elective Ports help you choose your medical internship programs in some of the most life-enriching environments across the world at minimum cost.

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