When you are at a crossroads of pursuing a medical study or not you should think long and hard about your decision.

Choosing medicine as a career is an important decision, you will impact people’s lives through health care. A physician is a noble and challenging profession that will involve your intellect, skills, and passion in an arduous career.

The Question to ask – “Are you fit to be a Physician?”

Even to the most passionate student who dreamed about a vocation in medicine, it might not be the right path. “Medicine is like a jealous mistress,” it requires precious hours filched from other activities. If you are hesitant to give up your time for your practice you are in the wrong boat.

Before getting your feet wet, take time to reflect about inclinations, opportunities, and aptitudes that you have compared with hassles and benefits of a medical profession. Get hold of these ideas to get you underway.

Know yourself

You should care deeply about other people. Aside from treating their ailments you should be curing their problems and their pain. We are talking about the poor people of the world who suffer from maladies that health practitioners will loathe.

Medicine requires long years of schooling before donning a white coat. Be ready to work hard with long hours, there are grades to maintain, interaction with patients and colleagues.

Prepare yourself for volunteering work by taking your medicine internships in a developing country. This is a great sacrifice on your part sharing your gift of cure to those who are in dire need of medical assistance.

Shadow a physician and witness the amount of hard work that a physician exerts. Put yourself in their shoes and practice resiliency when things don’t work out as planned and complete a patient’s chart with a 24-hour window.

Medical education cost

Consider the cost of medical tuition which continues to rise. The good news is there are many loan forgiveness and loan repayment programs available for medical students. It is noteworthy to include this in your plan since it is an important component in your pursuit of a medical diploma.

Knowledge database

Medicine is continuous education, there are new diseases to learn and new medicine to treat ailments. Physicians are in constant hunt in acquiring new skills and learning fresh information. Be proactive, seek additional experience and knowledge beyond the confines of the school. Do some research projects and volunteer in community work.

Work-life balance

Balance the demands of the medical program with things that will make you relax. Tilting in either side of the scale will result in stress. The academic load is depressing, find time for a leisurely walk and just forget about this or listen to music that will soothe or take a refreshing bath or indulge in cooking activities.

What if I’m not sure?

If you have any iota of a doubt then medicine is not for you. You will find disappointment when you pursue medicine for prestige or financial gains. Because it is a vocation that requires commitment to improve the quality of life of sufferers, continuous learning, and dedication to the medical practice.

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