Choosing a developing country for your medical internships abroad is a noble gesture of sharing your gift of cure to the poor people on this side of the globe. This will be a life-changing experience to the forgotten ones who rarely receives medical assistance and medicine.

International internship is a rewarding experience for you, the host country, and the locals you met. Enjoy the challenges in your stay, learn from your hospital experience because it will surely shape your future in your chosen profession.

GEP Limited respects medical students who crosses borders for their internship. Indeed, traveling has apprehensions you will run into stumbling blocks along the way. We have prepared a guide to help medical students overcome their travel challenges.

Know before you go

Location is one the most important consideration in a foreign internship. Research on your destination country; learn about the culture, the way of life of locals, customs and traditions, environment, and medical concerns. Inquire from colleagues about their experiences and how they manage to overcome their trials. Take time to coordinate with the hospital where you’ll be reporting; ask what you can bring and how it is out there. You will avoid culture shock when you are properly informed beforehand.

Link with a reputable medical placement provider

From the internet, pick at least 3 providers and make a checklist comparing their offers, features, and amenities. Compare this with your budget, the one that comes near it ranks high in your list. Before making the final decision check on the client’s reviews and ask around. You will hear good things if interns are satisfied and conflicting views if they’re not.


Once you’re on location be modest in your appearance, actions, and words. Practice what you’ve researched to avoid conflicts with locals. Humble down, respectful choices will help you fit into the new culture. The locals in your host community will be encouraged to open up and would love to establish a connection with you.


One of the problems of leaving your family and home is the feeling of homesickness and loneliness. Make plans for staying in touch. There may be no internet or phone signal but there might be an urban center nearby or other options for a video chat, email or phone conversation.

Interact with your fellow interns and the in-country support staff; all this includes group discussions, one-on-one session, and friendly conversations. Explore the amenities that the host country can offer; spend time visiting famous landmarks and scenic spots, indulge in their exotic food, and enjoy chill moment with your new found friends.

Avoid clinging to items from your home this will prevent you from enjoying your second home. Grasp what the world here offers; Find yourself living a like a local and you’ll realize the necessities of life.

Keep an open mind

Keep an open mind and adjust to the local culture, stop comparing everything to your home country. Be prepared for any eventuality, no matter how much you prepare there will be unexpected events in the location.

Let go of any preconceived notions about your host country instead live the moment and take things in stride.

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