It’s the start of 2020, graduating students like you should have decided where to take their medical summer internships.

GEP Limited will like to share our thoughts why taking electives in developing countries, Kenya and the Philippines, is a brilliant way to get the most out of your experience.

We are your partners

Organizing hospital internships abroad is daunting. There will be lots of paperwork, coordination activities, and footwork before all requirements are met. Upon payment of the registration feeof $350 we can assist you with some requirements. Get some load off your back and focus on more worthwhile activities.

Budget would be one of the major concerns in your plan. To help you, we linked with FundMyTravelto give insights on how to raise the money for the trip. We will give you ample time to complete the amount for the medical internship fees, up to 1 month prior to departure date.

Our Destination Countries

Kenya and the Philippines are developing countries known for its friendly people in dire need of healthcare assistance. Our hospital affiliates are located in the outskirts with mostly poor people as patients. Both countries have rich cultural backgrounds with colorful customs and traditions. There are bountiful scenic spots with breathtaking landscapes, see and feel floras that you never imagined existed, get an up-close experience with wildlife, and explore crystal blue waters teeming with various types of marine life. Enjoy the local cuisine which will satisfy even the most delicate palate.

You will have a work-life balance enjoying every moment of your days off while learning and gaining experience at the same time.

What to expect?

Hospital facilities are not the same in your home country, it is substandard. Expect to treat diseases and sicknesses that were blown out of proportion because of lack of medicine and healthcare assistance. Our local medical partners will shadow you in every step of your hospital undertakings. Develop your skills and innovativeness by treating patients with lack of medical equipment or none at all.

The locals will act strange because they are not used to treatment by foreign health workers. But expect a twinkle in their eyes and a wide grin on their face as payment for your cure. Gain a deep understanding of life and health in a poor setting and we promise you will walk away with more than personal and professional growth but also empathy to the people on this side of the globe.

You will never miss home with the amenities of our living quarters. Be in the company of your fellow students, male and female are grouped at 4 to 6 per room. A chef will prepare 3 meals per day. A caretaker will see to it that the place is spick and span. A guard will be on detail to keep you secured during your stay

What will you gain?

Summer internships abroad will be an opportunity to assert your individuality towards the type of medical practitioner you want to be. Immerse in a different culture, mingle with unfamiliar people, work in a substandard medical setting; this will benefit not only you but the place you visit and the locals you met.

You will understand that life and health stories in low income regions are not myths but real situations. Get exposed to maladies that have not been documented in medical records. Poor people die young because of poverty and ill health.

We empathize with the poor people and hopefully we gained some headway in convincing you to share your gift of cure in this part of the globe.

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