Medical students nearing final year are in a quandary about the location of their hospital summer internships. Will it be in my home country or abroad?

Location is one of the most important factors when choosing an elective. Spending time in low-middle income countries will benefit your professional and personal growth and also the place that you visit as well as the people that you’ve met.

And GEP Limited assures students that they will earn a wealth of skills and experience in their medicine internships in Kenya or the Philippines. We don’t treat our interns with kid gloves we expect them to work hard.

Hospital Assignment

Students will be shadowed by the local medical staff during their tour of duty. Prepare to be rotated to various departments to get acquainted with the different hospital functions. There is a shortage of healthcare providers you’ll be required to work extra hours. Get exposed to maladies that you haven’t experienced in your home country. Get ready to provide hands on-tasks like assisting in operations and treatments, interaction with patients, and administering injections.

The experience will be a good thing because this will prepare you for more demanding years ahead in your journey as a medical practitioner.

Community Center

Our interns have the prerogative to be assigned to a community center. Work outside the hospital under natural conditions and interact with patients in an unfamiliar manner. Immerse in an unusual setting, any experience you can gain will be very helpful.

Living Conditions

You will never miss home with our living quarters. Our accommodation will be an all boy and all girl arrangement with about 4 to 6 persons per room. There will be a house help to keep the place spick and a span. A chef will prepare you a feast three times a day if you are on a special diet he can prepare one just for you.


From the moment you set foot on our destination countries and board the plane back home you will be under the watchful eyes of our on-site staff. A guard will be on detail at your living quarters to keep you safe during your stay.

Work-Life Balance

The medical profession is very demanding and you must have time for some fun to avoid the stress that you don’t need. On your first day our local staff will give a guided tour to familiarize you with your new environment. There will be spots where you can unwind after work and scenic sites to visit during days off. Ask our local staff for tour guides to bring you to the best tourist attractions for a memorable stay.

Be a part of our medical programs abroad and share your gift of cure with underprivileged people. Return home knowing that you had a wonderful educational sojourn and made a real difference in people’s lives.

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