Striking a balance between working strictly in your Healthcare Internships Abroad and living up the international experience is a hard act. The key is to properly juggle your time and energy to cope with life and work abroad.

GEP Limited prepared a guide to manage your work-life balance when you are in our destination countries of Kenya or the Philippines. Enjoy your work and impress your coworkers, relish the niceties that both countries has to offer.

Research about your Country of Destination

Avoid culture shock, check out their customs and traditions, how locals live, the environment, food, local attractions, and amenities. You won’t get surprised when you mingle with residents and their body movements when you treat them. It’ll be best if you familiarize yourself with the common ailments so that your patients will receive your best cure. Call up the hospital, find out what things that you can tag along which can be helpful during your tour of duty. You’ll enjoy your internship when you have all the information you need.

Plan Ahead

With at least a 5–week internship make a schedule of your days off and your work schedule. Make the most of your limited free time, whether it’s a meal with your newfound friends, a visit to famous landmarks, a dive in the crystal blue waters or dancing in the streets during festivities. And of course, don’t forget to indulge in the local food that you’ll never taste in your home country.

Take time to decompress

You are in a developing country and expect maladies that you have never seen or heard of. It’s normal to loathe and get stressed while treating the patient. There’s always work, more materials to study, and more stuff to catch on.

Take an hour or two not thinking about work, chill out and do things that will relieve stress. Avoid Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you can do this when you’re back home. They’re stealing your valuable time to unwind, embark on explorations, watch local TV shows or take a leisurely walk and enjoy the beauty of your new surroundings.

Get enough rest

Without enough rest, you are sullen not mentally and physically able to do your work properly. An adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep to recharge their brain and invigorate their body. Your calm mind and relaxed body is the vital weapon against your challenges for the day.

Check in early for work

Show the local medical staff that you’re really interested and want to be on top of your work by reporting early. You’ll get more things completed and don’t have to stay late. Enjoy some fun time with your coworkers, you’ll earn their respect.

Prioritize your work

Find out which tasks need to be done by day’s end and which can wait the next day. You can focus on what’s more important getting it done on time and as proficient as possible. This is a great way to motivate you and to keep you right on track.

Find your work-life balance, have time for work but also a time for fun. Too much of one thing will disrupt the balance creating stress that you don’t need in your life.

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