After careful thought and deep soul-searching, you’ve finally decided to take your summer medical internship in a developing country. This is a brilliant way of sharing your gift of cure to the poor people on the other side of the globe.

Questions swim through your head. What is the environment like? Will I learn from this experience? Fret not, you are in the same boat with other students who have chosen this path.

The most important thing is to focus your thought on “how to become a successful intern?”

Choose the Right Medical Internship Provider

Choosing the right provider is a step towards your successful medical internship abroad.

Look no further, GEP Limited will help you in every step from the moment you sign in up to the time when you get back. You will never miss home with our living accommodations complete with a security detail. Our on-site staff will be on hand to assist you to ensure that everything is in order. The program is offered at student-friendly rates that won’t hurt your pocket.

Research your Country of Destination

You’ll be crossing borders, mingling with people of a different culture. Take time to read literature about their customs and traditions, values, and their way of living. Have a fun time with the locals by speaking their language with your crooked tongue. Enjoy the moment during festivities by gyrating to the rhythm of the music. When Hungry? Indulge in the local food that will fill your hungry tummy.

Check their communication system, If, the cell phone will work? Is internet available? Technology is important to get in touch with your loved ones back home. Share the important events during your stay, talk with someone when you feel lonely or watch programs during your spare time.

Look up famous destination spots. During days off enjoy the scenic landscape, frolic by the seashore and dive in the crystal blue water packed with all sorts of marine life. Get ready with those selfies for a compilation of mementos, it’s nice to recall these happy events when you walk down memory lane.

Check your Medical Setting

Research the hospital where you’ll be assigned. Most likely they will lack equipment and their facilities will fail in comparison with your home country. You might be surprised with the ailment of patients seeking medical assistance. Get exposed to diseases that you were not aware, conditions that worsened due to neglect or lack of medical attention.

If you opt for a community setting be ready for a set-up that is substandard. You’ll be stepping into a wholly unfamiliar territory where water is scarce and the place is unhealthy.

Connect with your host unit and inquire if there is anything that you can tag along. There are charities that source old or unwanted equipment or ask acquaintances for contributions for medicine and medical supply.

The buck stops with you

In the end, only you can gauge whether your medical internship abroad is successful. Keep in mind that the best practice at home differs in your host country. Seek out students who have visited the place and listen to their experiences. There is a shortage of healthcare providers in this part of the world and are likely to be asked to provide care that you are not used to. Treat maladies that others will loathe. Get compensated with a smile on the face of your patients, afterward. Be someone who treats patients as a whole and not as a disease. Bring back this knowledge and experience to your country which will make you better medical practitioners.

GEP Limited share the same ideals of medical practitioners who care. We will connect you with people who need healthcare in Kenya and the Philippines.

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