Years back a college degree was not necessary to find a high paying job. The landscape changed,you need a college diploma to land a well-paying professional position. In today’s environment competition in the workforce is fierce with more individuals pursuing postgraduate studies and some doctoral grades.

Pursuing the paper chase to complete a college diploma is the culmination of a student’s dream to land a job that will raise a family, buy a house, and afford other perks.

Everything starts with a college degree that will open a window of opportunities in life. It will teach you the ropes intellectually, jobwise, and socially for your profession and adult life. There are a plethora of gains from a college education some are high paying and skilledcareer, stability, and contentment.

With each passing year, the admission to college gets harder because the number of strong candidates has mushroomed. Students who wants it the most have to work hard and achieve high levels of performance regardless of their social and economic standing. Students strive to stand out through high SAT scores, excellent grades, and extracurricular activities.

Reasons for Competitiveness of College Admissions

On top of the list of high school graduates are top tier schools which are about 50-100 schools. There are many graduates but the available slots have remained constant and are reserved to the vital few.Most of those rejected have perfect SAT and ACT scores. These institutions consider applicants who have excellent academic background,promising athlete, and achievers. Students realize that a college education is essential to achieve financial success.

With the advent of the internet, the competitiveness of college admission increased. Information is easily accessible through virtual tours, watching lectures, programs offered, and school fees. You can talk to students about their life on the campus, the intricacies of meeting the grade and just about anything that comes to your mind. Filling out the application form can be made online making admission process easy and simple. This results in numerous prospective student applicants.

The Common Application contributed to the inflation of admissions to college. The Common App has over 500 schools on the roster, an application, and essay that works for its members that cut down paperwork. The process of application is uniform, allowing prospective students to apply to all the schools they want. It is hassle-free, the application form is the same to all school members.

With the global economic boom, more high school students are applying to college. Opportunities present itself to other countries as well. Crossing borders might lead to prospects that are better and brighter.

As a heads up, a rejection in your selected school doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your dream. You can still pursue your course in other academic institutions, there are over 4,000 colleges or universities across the country. You invest time and money in attending college, it is a down payment for success with a return that will exceed your expectations. It entails a lot of hard work that will prepare you to reach the top of the mountain and enjoy a more fruitful life.

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