The important thing to consider on a healthcare internship abroad is the destination spot. The next thing on your list is how to raise the money to get you there. GEP Limited has got you covered with tons of ideas to generate the cash for your journey through fundmytravel. You have immediate relatives to turn too in case of a shortfall.

Preparing the requirements for a healthcare internships abroad is daunting if done on your own. It is time-consuming, tiring, and requires a lot of effort. At GEP Limited we will help you in every step of the paper process. Take this load off your back and focus on other worthwhile activities that need your immediate attention.

We prepared a cost estimate to guide USA and UK students planning to take a 2-week internship program to Kenya-Mombasa, Malindi, Machakos, Kakamega, Kisii, and Kisumu and the Philippines-Capiz.

The following is a summary for the projected expenses:

Medical placement estimate – Airfare + Medical placement fee + Registration fee + Insurance + Visa processing fee

Origin Destination Medical Placement Estimate

USA Philippines- Capiz $ 2810.06 Kenya- Mombasa, Malindi, $ 3,099.65

Machakos,Kakamega, Kisii,

and Kisumu

UK Philippines-Capiz £ 2,284.40

Kenya – Mombasa, Malindi, Machakos, £ 2,217.40

Kakamega, Kisii, and Kisumu

Review trip advisory sites to save on airfare cost before your schedule of departure. They update their offers, your placement date might fall on their bargain periods. Tag along your school ID, airline providers give a discount to students.

Check on our details to see how you can save on your sojourn.

1. Airfare

  • Placement Destination – Philippines-Capiz: Cost for USA or UK students

Direct flights from USA and UK to the Philippine, Roxas City are available but limited and costly. Data gathered covers a round trip ticket for students with a tight budget. Upon touchdown, at Manila, your travel agent can arrange a connecting flight to Roxas City which is cheaper and accessible. The prices vary based on your booking date and the carrier.

Origin Destination Amount

USA Philippines, Manila $366

Manila to Roxas City 90

TOTAL $ 456

UK Philippines, Manila £ 453

Manila to Roxas City 68

TOTAL £ 521

  • Placement Destination – Kenya: Malindi, Mombasa, Machakos, Kakamega, Kisii, and Kisumu: Cost for USA or UK students

Data apply to a 2-week program for USA and UK students and covers a round-trip ticket. Most flights touch down at Nairobi there are other flights that directly connects to other counties but are few and pricey. Students can save money by land travel, they will be picked up at Nairobi Airport by our on-site staff and brought to the placement destination spots.

Origin Destination Amount

USA Kenya, Nairobi $ 635

Nairobi to Malindi, Mombasa, 0

Machakos, Kakamega, Kisii, and $ 635


UK Kenya, Nairobi £ 371

Nairobi to Malindi, Mombasa, 0

Kisumu £ 371

B. Medical Placement

Our medical placement fee starts at $ 1.940 or £ 1,462 for a 2-week program. This covers your board, lodging, and hospital and/or community center accommodation.

C. Registration Fee

A registration fee of $ 350 or £ 264 to defray the cost of processing your documents.

D. Insurance

The information was based on the lowest prevailing rate in the market, $ 64.65 and £ 37.40.


In the Philippines, a stay of fewer than 30 days requires none. Kenya requires an eVisa processing feeof $ 59 and a government fee of $ 51 for a total of $110 or £ 83.

Research on your country of destination familiarizes you with the cultures, traditions, and bridge the cultural barrier. Know the famous destination spots, festivities, food, and keep those selfies clicking. Stock on memorabilia to recall events as you walk down memory lane.

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