Kenya is a country in the continent of Africa and is known as the “Republic of Kenya.” It is home to 48 million people that speak Swahili and English languages. The 7th richest and the 23rd largest country in Africa. Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya and is a regional commercial hub.

The economy thrives on tourism, higher education, telecommunication, and the financial sectors. Agriculture employs 75% of the labor force but is unreliable and cannot provide food security to the population. This can be attributed to droughts and sharp weather fluctuations in the region.

The Kenyan government primed an economic development program that will put the country on par with the “Asian Economic Tigers” by the year 2030.

There will never be a dull moment in Kenya synonymous with the word “Safari”. For visitors, the sheer diversity of things to do is enormous and dazzling. Animal lovers will have a heyday with up-close experiences with wildlife in their natural habitat.

Beyond the safari spots lies a potpourri of coastal treasures. Enjoy blasé moments on pearly beaches, plunge and snorkel in fish-rich coral reefs.

Walk down memory lane by visiting historical sites and landmarks that have been a part of the Kenyan heritage.

Enjoy the rich culture and traditions of the ancient tribes of Maasai, Kikuyu, and Samburu who are living in harmony with the natural world.

GEP Limited, a Medical Electives Overseas provider, have gathered the famous attractions in Kenya for a memorable visit.

  • Tsavo East National Park

This is Kenya’s biggest park divided into two Tsavo West and Tsavo East. The total land area encompasses 4 percent of Kenya. Keep those cameras clicking for herds of large elephants bathing in red dust. Feast your eyes on the Mudanda Rock which is the world’s largest lava flow and the Lugarda Falls which spills into crocodile-filled pools. Highpoints are Mzima Springs with a large population of hippos and crocodiles, Chaimu Crater for spotting birds of prey.

  • Old Town

A great place to get lost. Walk along old and narrow streets with rustic buildings and crumbling fascias great for those photo memorabilia. A silent place with an aesthetic coastal architecture as a backdrop.

  • Gede Ruins

A heaven for avid history and architecture aficionados. This was once a bustling settlement on the Swahili Coast, the serene beauty is magical that will astonish you. The mysterious ruins and the stories are folklore which cannot be rivalled even today.

  • Diani Beach

The jewel of the African Beach. The ocean current is just perfect. The white soft sand, the turquoise sea, and the water temperature are just great all year long.

The food of Kenya is diverse concocted by tribes rich in local produce and history. Here are some of the local dishes that will satisfy even the most sensitive palate.

  • Irio

Green peas and potatoes are boiled and then mashed, corn kernels are mixed for extra starch and texture. This is paired with nyama choma meat or Kenyan style stew, a guarantee that you’ll be back for more.

  • Pilau

Ordinary rice that will burst in taste with flavorful spices like cumin, cardamon, cinnamon, and cloves. The fragrance is enough to make you salivate and combine this with meat stew and farm fresh slices of tomato and onion will make your hungry tummy happy.

  • Mutura

This is the Kenyan version of the sausage and goes well with beer. The tasty combination of ground meat parts and goat blood are stuffed into goat intestine wrappers. It is then boiled to cook the stuffing and then thrown on the griller to bring out the sausage’s robust delectable taste.

Enjoy your Kenya elective placement through GEP Limited. You will gain professional and personal growth and pleasant memories that will last a lifetime.

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