Nursing is a noble profession that can be a career option for both male and female. It is a vocation for people who want to save lives, bring cheer and well-being to those in need, lighten the load of doctors and be angels in people’s lives

Never worry about job security the healthcare industry is booming and nurses get paid well. You can even pursue a career as a medical assistant, a surgeon assistant or a doctor.

Is Nursing School hard?

For some nursing students, it is challenging, for most it is a mixture of hard work, fun, and camaraderie.

It is where they start grow, realize what they’re capable of reaching and develop into the medical professionals they want to be.

According to an American study, those enrolled in a nursing program has a one-year retention rate of 90%. Most enrolees could push through and complete their studies, few nursing students quit.

But nursing is not a walk in the park, finishers are those people who are committed to gaining professional skills and medical knowledge.

So, you’re bent on taking the big step toward a rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling nursing career. Preparing yourself before your first walk into the classroom door will go a long way.

GEP Limited has gathered 4 effective ways to prepare you for nursing school with confidence.

  • Link with nurses

Most likely you know one or ask your acquaintances to introduce you to one. If not, seek the help of your local hospital about setting up an interview with nurses. Let them know you are a potential nursing student seeking to know more about the profession. They will be glad to assist you in person, over the phone, or through email. Prepare your questions, make these brief and personal. Send a thank you note, it could be your ticket when you start a job hunt.

  • Maintain the highest GPA you can

Admission to nursing programs is based on college/high school GPAs and college entrance exam scores. The nursing program is competitive, many apply but only a few passes.

You should step up your study habits a notch higher and be good in managing your time. There are exams, quizzes, assignments, projects, lab practical, papers all due in the same day or week.

  • Think like a nurse

If you’re serious about your nursing career be attentive to what’s happening in the healthcare field, how it affects you and your future patients. Search for medical related topics, this will keep you abreast with the latest ailments, treatments, and technology.

Take part in online nurse forums. Introduce yourself as a prospective nursing student and you’ll get advice and answers.

  • Volunteer

Volunteer to a local clinic or hospital. You might not earn money but you’ll certainly gain a wealth of experience. This is a great way of beefing up your CV when you apply for a nursing program. Schools are interested in students who is passionate about the nursing profession and have some of the requirements to back this up,

GEP limited offer nursing placements abroad at student-friendly rates that won’t break your bank. Our placement destinations, Philippines and Kenya, will expose you to the other side of the world where medical assistance come in trickles. With up-close experiences, you can manage your emotions, mirror on your values, and channel your energy toward the healing of sufferers.

Bring back these experiences to your home country to become better medical practitioners.

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