Money is a valuable resource to any student. An international flight for a medical placement abroad is one worry of a student with a low budget. Save money with the following tips:

  • Research

Call at least 5 travel agencies and compare their prices, features, and offers. Most people think the web offers the cheapest flights. Often, a good travel agency will beat their online rate for international flights that a laptop cannot.

  • Plan

Travel during dead zones or unpopular travel periods. During these stretches, travel agencies offer discounts and holiday packages. They offer at least 1/3 or 1/4 price cut from their peak months. Some samples are:

  • The first two weeks of December.
  • Days in January after New Year’s Eve.
  • Spring and Fall but never during Spring Break or Easter Weekend.
  • Present any academic document

During the payment process of your flight show your student ID or proof of studies to get discounts. Most carriers offer student discounts on air travel.

  • Be flexible

Get the best price by giving a few days leeway on both ends of your trip, Travellers who insist on departing and arriving at the date and time of their choice get the worst rate. Those who will wake up before the crack-of-dawn secure the cheapest rate.

  • Fly on weekdays

Save money on international travel by flying from Monday to Thursday. Airlines credit a weekend surcharge on both ends.

  • Seek the expert’s advice

A travel agent spends every day evaluating flight routes and airline ticket prices, reading maps of train stations, negotiating car rent, and sorting airline reservations that update their system. A good travel agent is worth their worth in gold.

Prior to departure, research about your destination country. Investigate the state of condition of the political landscape and the stability of the crime level for a safe stay. It is best to seek a travel advisory from your embassy.

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