You say you want to make a difference by helping people with medical needs. You have a heart of compassion. You have gathered the courage to cross borders and interact with people of a different culture. You are willing to take risks for the benefit of others.

This shows that chivalry is not dead and you are one knight that make it possible.

At GEP we share the same ideals, we match medical students who cares with people who needs. Our placement destination in Philippines, Capiz will give you both personal and professional growth.

Before packing your bags, there are Philippines Visa requirements that need to be accomplished. You’re classified as a foreign tourist who is proceeding to the Philippines for training or study. Provide documents and fill out forms and leave the rest to us, you’ll need:

  1. A passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines. It should have at least 2 blank pages for stamps upon arrival and departure.

  2. Accomplished Visa application forms.

  3. 2 recent passport size photos.

  4. Proof of bona fide status as tourist.

  5. Confirmed tickets for return or onward journey to the next port of destination.

  6. Proof of payment of visa application fees

  • Single entry valid for 3 months: $30

  • Multiple entry valid for 6 months: $60

  • Multiple entry valid for 12 months: $90

If your stay is below 30 days you don’t need a visa. In case you will exceed the period of stay you have to report to the Bureau of Immigration, secure an extension of stay and pay immigration fees.

You have a grasp of the things you need to do and the budget to make your trip. If you need any help visit our GEP website, chat with us online or connect with our friendly customer support staff via the following telephone numbers:

UK: (447) 946518011

US: +1 718-3403920

Kenya: +254 714094485/+254 202437599

Philippines: (63) 9195088901

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