After a lot of research and deep soul searching you’ve firmed up your decision of coming over to Kenya for your medical placement overseas.

We’ll be glad to get you on board, GEP’s placement destinations will give you the personal boost and professional growth in your medical profession. Sites were chosen to fit the needs of medical students like you. Our local staff will ensure that you’re out of harm’s way and you’ll enjoy every moment of your learning experience from our Kenya sites:

However, US, UK medical students have to provide documents and fill out forms to fulfil the visa requirements of Kenya. We’ll do the rest. Here are these requirements:

1. Kenya eVisa

The government of Kenya encourage all visitors to get visas via online through the official government website: There is an alert to all applicants to scam sites: and Scammers can be mistaken as the Government of Kenya and charges a higher fee.

There are 2 kinds of fee you have to pay to get your eVisa to Kenya:

  • Service Fee

The amount you have to shell out in advance for service in the Kenya eVisaare for consultation, receiving, checking the applicant’s information, status and results, collecting the eVisa and sending it to the applicant upon arrival for visa stamping. Normal processing takes 3 business days, Urgent takes 2 business days and Super Urgent takes 1 business day.


  • Government Fee


The amount you have to pay for the Kenya Immigration Department to process eVisa.

Make online payment using major credit/debit cards like VISA, Master Card, DISCOVER, and AMEX; PayPal or through HSBC wire transfer.

2. Passport

A valid passport with 6 months validity and at least 1 blank page for stamping. A visitor may stay up to a maximum of 6 months.

3. Yellow fever immunizations

You should show a proof of yellow immunizations or face a decline of entry. For additional information on immunizations and detailed country specific recommendation click on Embassy of Kenya.

Combine applicable fees to our bundled packages and you’ll have an idea of the total cost for your placement budget in Kenya. Don’t forget to bring something extra for your fun time to make your stay more memorable.

For more information you can visit GEP’s website, chat with our friendly customer support staff or call us at the following numbers:

UK: (447) 946518011

US: +1 718-3403920

Kenya: +254 714094485/+254 202437599

Philippines: (63) 9195088901

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