As a medical student you are in a quandary whether to take an elective overseas or in your country.

Don’t join the bandwagon because your fellows influenced you to join them in a foreign country. This is a decision that can be answered only by you after doing some self-evaluation and deep soul-searching.

Success in your electives abroad can be measured ONLY if you will achieve personal and professional growth. Here are some questions that will help you in your decision.

A. Personal

  • Am I willing to go the extra mile to learn about the culture, customs, traditions, and language in a foreign country?

  • Will I be willing to do things that I haven’t done before?

  • Is it risky?

  • What if patients are hostile?

  • Will I be comfortable?

  • Can I afford it?

B. Academic

  • How does this fit into my academic plans?

  • Will I gain knowledge?

  • Have I taken courses related to the program?

C. Professional

Will I gain from this experience?

If a resounding yes are your answers, it’s time to enrol at Global Electives Port (GEP) Limited. We have you covered, from the time you board the plane until you get back. Our overseas staff will be on hand to oversee that everything is in order. Expect these benefits in learning medicine abroad.

Discover a new country

Crossing borders will expose you to a new populace, a different environment, a different culture, exotic dishes, and a new dialect.

Broaden your horizons through contact with locals, health care staff, and other medical fellows.

Gain a wealth of experience and knowledge by uncovering diseases that are not mentioned in any medical records and new cure methods. Participate in a system where your approach to treatment modalities and ideas will be challenged every day. At times you might disagree but you must do it because it’s their method.

Grow immensely through understanding global health concerns by observing, listening, learning, experiencing, and remembering.

Develop interpersonal skills

Our placement destinations pose no language barrier to medical students, they understand English.

Observe how they react when your treat them, look at their body movements, this will stretch your interpersonal skills. Patients come from different walks of life, gender, and age. You must think outside of the box to keep them at ease while attending to their ailments.

Dou want to see your patients smile? Include a twinkle in their eyes when you speak their language with a twisted tongue.

Increase your stock

Include your placement abroad in your resume to make it look impressive. You’re a step ahead of non-mobile fellows in a hospital vacancy.

The interviewer will be tight-lipped when you share your mouthful of experiences abroad. This will show your enthusiasm and passion to help people from underdeveloped areas.

Your placement abroad will serve as a mark of sturdiness, ingenuity and experience that cannot be gained at home. You’ve gained valuable skill by treating ailments under risks in a rural setting.

Build self-confidence

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a show of bravery. The moment you enrolled in medical electives abroad you’re leaving behind your security blankets and sailing into unchartered waters.

Your first day at the hospital can be compared to your first time behind the wheel. Mixed emotions seep in, you feel anxious, careful not to make mistakes, and follow directions to a T. As you gain headway, you become more assertive and believe that you can pass the pedantry of healthcare providers. You build rapport with your patients and overcome your fears.

This experience is brought home which makes you a better clinical practitioner.

At GEP we partner medical students who cares with people who need medical assistance. Your experience in elective abroad will ensure personal and professional growth in your chosen profession.

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