Completing a medical elective overseas is one of the most unforgettable experience by a student. Crossing borders will widen your horizons not only in experience but also in your interaction with people of a different culture.

A window of opportunity awaits students to become better professionals with practical and challenging medical situations.

Our goal is to make you successful in your medical elective training abroad with these 5 tips.

1. Plan ahead.

Choosing an elective abroad is daunting for a medical practitioner. The experience should provide both personal and professional growth. It’s not only what you can gain from your electives but considers also benefits of the host from your visit.

Ask recommendations from colleagues and acquaintances, Research online to help firm up your ideas.

As a medical student, your main goal is to help sufferers get relief from their medical condition. There are exotic diseases in underdeveloped areas that have not been discovered. You will have the opportunity to treat, monitor, and study ailments first hand.

Rural hospitals are popular destination spots for medical electives abroad.

Global Electives Port (GEP) Limited matches medical practitioners who care for people who need medical assistance. Cross borders and experience different cultures with our professional internship programs across Asia and Africa.

2. Attune to regulations.

It’s a bane for any foreigner to have incomplete documents in his country of destination. Every country has different protocols for international medical students. Your passport or other personal documents need to be translated into a language that should be understood by approving authorities.

Your elective placement provider will provide all the information you need from risks to other expectations during your interaction with locals.

3. Funding your elective.

You may be one of the fortunate ones where money is not a problem for your elective. But many medical students need financial support and could use these following sources:

  • Grants offered by your school

  • Bank loans

  • Educational and medical charities

  • Fundraising through religious groups, rotary club, and local institutions

  • Commercial organizations

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Non-medical companies who want to promote social responsibility

  • Organisations that offer grants

Be tenacious, be ingenious. It’s the medical student who wants it the most who gets the proper funding. It’s unlikely that you can get your monetary requirement in a single organisation. With that in mind, prepare a bundle of funding requests and reach out to numerous sources.

4. Chill time.

Of course, you don’t want to be Jack who is dull with all work and no play.

Release that fun side in you during break days. Outlandish beaches and stunning places await you to recharge that tired body and spent mind. Festivities during weekends are common, locals will appreciate your presence. Experience a different culture. Learn their language, customs, and savor their mouth-watering dishes.

Forget your profession for a moment and just have fun.

5. Select your medical elective duration.

Before hopping on the plane check the climate of your destination. You don’t want to be wearing those thick wardrobes when days are hot.

Everything’s in check, your availability to travel, your budget, your preference and your documents. Your ideal program awaits you.

GEP bundled programs start from 2 weeks up to 6 weeks. We can make arrangements for an extended stay. We have you covered on your career path in your chosen profession. Best medical elective destinations are in store giving you insights and experience to become a fully-qualified medical professional.

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