As a general principle, professionals and scholars alike recognize the fact that the hallmark of preparation for a career is the ability to strike an equilibrium between what has been amassed in classroom and the gleaned industry-specific experience. Every sphere of expertise underscores the value of synchronizing the theories, propositions, and intuitions with the practical application in a professional setting.

The Opportunity

The most distinctive feature of medical electives is the opportunity that the students get to engage in self-examination, develop, refine and acquire job related skills. The development of personal problem solving skills notwithstanding, the students also get to sharpen their thinking skills such as confidence, self-reliance and critical thinking.

The internship or placement experience requires students to apply their learning in a real work setting under the aegis of either a professional mentor under whom they shadow, or a site coordinator’s supervision. This enables them to acquire and share skills that are referred to as graduate attributes. These attributes are academic abilities, personal qualities and transferable skills which all the participants in a Medical Elective abroad have the opportunity to develop as part of their overseas internship and placement experience.

Again, these attributes make the participants to stand out from the crowd. They acquire specific propensities to solve unique problems, adapt to new situations, think independently and work well with a team to enhance interpersonal communication skills which are critical in the medical field for the practitioners.

Knowledge And Experience

The combination of knowledge and experience forms the critical bedrock of expanding the boundaries of human understanding all the time. The world is constantly changing and so does the emergence of peculiar medical conditions that require elaborate research and wide travel to experience these new unfolding medical phenomena.

In order to fully understand and develop new and scientific solutions to these problems and challenges, it is therefore imperative that the medical practitioners and scholars who intend to be fully entrenched into the practice of medicine, must intensively and extensively traverse other jurisdictions other than their own in order to familiarize themselves with such conditions. There are set of diseases and conditions that are only prevalent in the tropicals and whose understanding would demand that the students of medicine or those already practicing must extend their experience beyond their borders.

Achieving Your Goal

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